I trained with the Royal Army Medical Corp and with over forty years of clinical experience within the realms of physiotherapy in relation to Neuro Musculoskeletal Medicine (medical and surgical orthopaedics) I am well versed in the many varying scenarios that can present before a Physiotherapist.

My continuing professional development portfolio is regularly updated, thus offering you, the patient, the cutting edge of today’s clinical care. I also occasionally lecture at a postgraduate level within the field of acute & chronic pain and neuroscience and, in the latter years of my career, I have taken a particular in-depth interest in the treatment of pain, whether following on from failed surgery, after disappointing post rehabilitation results or indeed from stalled recovery of any nature. What is so wonderful about this large group of pain and disability suffering patients is that no matter how many years one has been suffering, at least some relief from pain and improvement in lifestyle can be achieved. We no longer “Manage Pain” we are “Treating it”.

However, I still enjoy treating the acute spinal and sport injuries that occur and rehabilitating post surgically. My competitive sporting background has added a unique depth of knowledge to my own professional experience. Especially through my personal, occasionally severe, injuries I have gained a deepened understanding of my patients’ physical and emotional states. I have always been passionately involved in sport activities since childhood.

I have participated in a variety of sports at an amateur-competitive level including swimming, rugby, tennis, horse riding, skiing (former Swiss National Alpine Ski Team Consultant) and martial arts (former Swiss National JKA Team member, black belt holder and former JKA national team physiotherapist). I continue to participate in sport as I personally feel that age is not a limiting factor and one is never too old to train and improve.

If you feel that my depth of knowledge and expertise and my life experience would benefit you, if you have suffered acute injury, need postoperative rehabilitation or indeed are struggling to recover despite ongoing intervention, then please do contact me and I will gladly advise and help.

I am also a regular contributor/commentator for the Noijam forum group. Noigroup is an independent forum group for Neuro Orthopaedic Institute Australasia.

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