Motion is Lotion

Its that time of year again when we can become more indulgent in those delights that we enjoy and, as such less physically active. 

When we’ve worked together, in the past to improve on your well being, education has always been the king pin of the treatment plan. Within that education you’ve often heard me say “Motion is Lotion”. 


Move it or lose it relates to the fact that the body is designed to move. It is our means of transport and expression. A brain sitting on the kitchen table without a body has neither ability!

Movement improves all body functions, promoting improved physical and mental health by stimulating fluid exchanges, not only in the joints, but in all the inner organs such as the brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

I wish you a very Merry festive time of year irrespective of your religion, as it is an opportunity to share love and friendship. However, don’t forget to take some regular exercise and get those fluids flowing.

Remember motion is lotion…..cheers

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