Crinkles in your Wrinkles

Twinkles in your Wrinkles

Inevitably, one day we all arrive at a point where we think, as we reach with a groan, for another paracetamol “ Where did the time go”. How we might deal with our mature years is so well expressed by one of the greatest influences in my professional career and a dear friend David Butler. I would encourage you to take time to read his article that moved me deeply. 

Oldies are Goldies  

Most of us are living longer! Sixty is the new 40, 80 the new 60 so we hear. Phew! Living longer is usually a good thing but ageism is in the air. Ageism is a negative perception of getting older and of older people. It’s a really big personal and societal DIM (Danger in Me neurotag) and it needs to be challenged. Young and old people can be ageist, older people can be ageist about themselves, health professionals and sometimes government departments and companies are ageist. Let’s challenge it, first by obliterating some myths about pain and ageing.

Read the full David Butler noijam article here


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